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Should Police drivers hours be regulated

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The Road transport working time regulations only apply to vehicles fitted with tachographs but questions have been raised again as to whether this should be extended to cover all professional drivers. The debate has arisen after an 18 year old man was run over and killed by a taxi driver in Sheffield who had been working for 14 hours. The BBC’s inside out programme has previously looked at the issues surrounding accidents involving Police drivers.


Why my dog makes so much mess

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I saw this and thought it shows what an inefficient way of drinking dogs appear to have developed. Cool video though.

Police dog dies in car. No charges to be brought

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In contrast to the Nottingham Police dog handler who has been charged in relation to the death of his Police dogs left in the back of a car, a US Alameda Police officer will not face prosecution says the Local District Attorney. This is because there is no evidence that he acted intentionally or recklessly. The local editorial THE ISLAND reports. Positive police dogs encourages a training style and philosophy that puts the dogs needs at the top of the agenda. Harbouring such a philosophy encourages handlers to be constantly, albeit eventually subconsciously, assessing the dogs welfare and state of mind. Such a mindset can only hope to reduce oversights such as this. We will keep you posted as more information becomes available.

Police Dogs: Breeds

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Currently in the UK the majority of police dogs are the familar German Shepherd (GSD). This breed are, in the main, used for “general purpose” work, on regular patrol, because of their all round skill set. Other dogs, such as Spaniels and Labradors, are used for more specialist work such as drug or explosive detection work.

Despite the popularity of German Shepherds within the police, they are not without their problems, and the police have difficulty in sourcing good quality, working lines.  For this reason police units are often trialing different breeds, such as the Dutch Shepherd, Belgian Shepherd and Rottweiller, with mixed results.

Future articles will look at the breeds used within the UK and their relative effectiveness. Whatever breed you work, the philosophy and training advocated by positive police dogs will ensure you get the best from your dog and, just as importantly, that your dog gets the best of you.

Police Dogs: Dog Handler Charged

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Following the events earlier this month, that led to two police dogs dieing the back of a police dog handlers vehicle, due to heat, the RSPCA has stated that they will be bringing charges against the police officer.

Sadly this is not the first time police officers have been involved with mistreating animals.

Police Dog: Recall

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This video shows a young police dog being agitated prior to being released to chase and detain. Dogs trained using the philosophy and methodology advocated by positive police dogs show a good understanding of the recall and a willingness and enthusiasm to comply that are evident. To read and article talking you through the training process, click the following link.

Police Dog: Police Dog working at night

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The video below shows a positive police dog dealing with burglary in progress.