Nottingham dog handler named

The Police dog handler from Nottinghamshire Constabulary who is being prosecuted for allegedly causing the death of his two German Shepherds has been named. The story appeared in the Daily Mail on 27th July 2009 and I am pleased to say, report the story in an unbiased, matter of fact way. Perhaps not the story that German shepherd dog rescue, who allegedly leaked the story to the press, were hoping for.

They, like many, seem unable to see this incident for what it is. A tragic error of judgement. Nobody condones what happened and everybody expects such things not to happen but mistakes are made and that is an unfortunate fact. Mistakes are made by humans of all walks of life, every day. Being a police officer doesn’t make you exempt from this but it is what undoubtedly fuels many peoples scorn which is why there was virtually no press coverage of a private security dog that died in exactly the same circumstances just a year ago and why there has been no mention of the animal welfare executive, who also appears to have made the same error in judgement.

I doubt anybody feels worse about this incident than the handler himself and nothing anybody says or does is likely to stop the same tragic incident happening again when someone else makes that same error in judgement. We are all just one oversight or error away from potentail tragedy and I hope (but doubt) that our justice system can try to be impartial in the face of such a media frenzy.


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