Make life easy with an end command

It’s frustrating when you work so hard on your long down and the dog gets up when you approach. Or when the dog stops barking on a search because the criminal moved. In both cases the dog anticipating the end of the exercise can cause problems.

What is the end of the exercise? We tend to end exercises with the delivery of the ball or other reward. The dog grabs the ball and you make a fuss. The problem is dogs are quick to learn and soon learn that the criminals arm that moves is about to throw the ball and it stops in anticipation. When you return after leaving the dog, the exercise is about to end. There are ways to overcome these faults and stop them creeping in but each exercise requires it’s own special way of stopping that anticipation from creeping in.

There is a way that will help to get the dog to understand when the exercise is over across the board and that is to introduce an end command. Simply say your end command before you deliver your reward on every exercise and correct any movement that occurs prior to the end command. Simple. The dog will soon learn the general rule do this command until given another command or until given the end command.

It makes life so much easier for the dog and you will be pleasantly surprised at the results. Give it a go but don’t worry, it won’t make you into a lefty clicker trainer (but it might make you want to be!!).


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