RSPCA seek man seen kicking dog

The RSPCA are seeking any information that may help identify the male in this video with a view to bringing a prosecution. From his abusive use of the lead to the deliberate kicks to the dog, there is nothing that could justify this level of abuse. His behaviour would be no more forgiveable if he were checking the dog in the name of training or if his kicks were retaliation for some perceived action from the dog. The justified outcry from the public shows that most people have no stomach for this type of treatment of animals and yet some still advocate punitive, harsh methods in the name of training. If you routinely administer physical punishments then you are always only a heartbeat away from scenes like the video when your frustration gets the better of you. By relying on positive reinforcement training your mind set is one of working to get behaviours in order to reward them rather than punishing mistakes and unwanted behaviours.

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