Metropolitan police dogs die in car

Not much in life is new. With so many people in the world, most things have been seen before. Everybody is living their own life though and learning from others mistakes doesn’t seem to be something us humans do very well.

How sad then that a Metropolitan police dog handler has failed to learn the lessons that should have been learned after a Nottingham police dog handler allowed his two dogs to die in a hot car in 2009.

The Metropolitan officer appears to have left the 2 dogs, a Malinois and a GSD puppy, in their own vehicle at the Mets training centre at Keston on Sunday 26th June 2011, the hottest day of the year so far. The BBC have the full story.

Malinois (left) and GSD (right). Stock photo.

This time around though it doesn’t seem to have hit the press with such frenzy although it is early days. Accidents happen and I know only too well how easy it is to be distracted and sidelined in a job that is often stressful and demanding but the welfare of your dogs needs to be at the top of your agenda all the time.

It would be unfair to cast judgement without knowing all the facts but it definitely serves as a very sad but timely reminder to the rest of us that with the warm weather approaching we need to ensure the safety of our animals.


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