Alpha roll video

I seem to spend a disproportionate amount of my time trying to explain to people why shouting and screaming at your dog doesn’t work. When someone believes that physically dominating their dog is how the human canine interface works, there is no point talking about training techniques. This video shows an officer alpha rolling his dog, several times whilst shouting. He achieves the square root of nothing but in his mind has no doubt won a small victory. This is why I spend so much of my time talking about general philosophies rather than the ins and outs of training. To quote William G Macadoo “it is impossible to beat an ignorant man in argument”. I guess the answer lies in education.


8 Responses to “Alpha roll video”

  1. Never argue with an idiot, they drag you down to their level and beat you with experience…

  2. Even worse – the k9-squad commander is the fella briefly seen toward the end, & he is OFF-camera WITH A REMOTE, operating a shock-collar on the dog…
    while the handler punches the dog in the face, scruffs the dog, rolls & pins him, THROTTLES him, body-slams the dog to the ground, etc.
    KNEELING on one’s dog so that the animal cannot breathe is not a recommended ‘training’ technique; it’s a great way to kill an animal, by asphyxiation – the dog’s stertorous breathing with a rasp on the inhale is clear proof of how irritated the throat membranes are by having to drag a thin reed of air thru a severely restricted airway.

    this is not “training” – it’s abuse. Shortly after this video hit UTube there was a massive public reaction from the people of Baltimore, as well as the general global reaction, & the Baltimore Police Dept hired Steve White in an effort to improve their training [which could hardly have been ‘worse’], but more important for the PD-admin, to improve their public image…
    which continues to be tarnished by a well-earned rep for needless violence, not only toward their own k9s but to humans, too.

  3. Alas, I must add a clarification. BPD did not bring me on as a consultant. I don’t know how that rumor got started, unless it was a listener’s wishful thinking when she or he heard me say in public that I wished BPD had brought me on.

    -Steve White
    “Every handler gets the dog s/he deserves.”

  4. I CANNOT believe what I just saw here – this is en par with animal abuse we have become accustomed to expect from the far east on a different level. WHY has this video not been made more public around the world via the press? These braindead, so-called police dog trainers should be SHOT as far as I’m concerned.

    Has anything been done to deal with this guy? Is there no such thing as an American equivalent of the RSPCA like in Great Britain?

    That dog has a rotten life – if he IS still alive. With morons like those guys, he’d better be dead anyway – preferably after having
    taken the arsehole handler’s face apart.

    Dog: Man’s best friend
    Man: Dog’s worst enemy

    Hope this scumbag rots in hell. I’d be more than happy to spit on his grave.

  5. OH YES! Here we go again, big brave hu-man showing his dominance over his best friend. Take the unfortunate “friend” out of the picture and put in his place the gun-toting mugger, the machete wielding psycho, or any other maniac that puts the officer at risk, and this is the type of reaction would be completely justified. But this is how you treat your “best friend”? This dog, through no choice of his/her own, will be risking they,re life – to protect yours, and ours.
    When people THINK they are dominant over other animals, this, and worse, is the type of behaviour that can result. Sometimes you cant tell the (so called) good from the bad.

  6. Looks like training born out of ignorance and cruelty.

  7. Truly sickening. Pointless saying anything more other than that poor example of a human being is being allowed to carry a gun.

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