How to control your dog

If you own a dog you already control it. Your dog cannot eat, drink or do very much else without your assistance. If you have a dog that you cannot get to do what you want when you want your problem is not one of control.

Your problem is that you cannot communicate effectively with your dog and are therefore unable to explain to it how it can earn the resources that you can make available to it. You control the resources and that therefore puts you in a very powerful position over the life and well being of another living being. You therefore have a duty to establish a way to communicate effectively if you require the dog to do certain things at certain times.

You need to learn how to create cues (classic conditioning) and to reward behaviours you want (operant conditioning) in order to maintain them. You can learn how to do these things in Positive Police Dogs: Philosophy.

Remember, you already have the control. You must now accept responsibility for establishing effective communication. Don’t blame, train. The dog is already doing what it finds rewarding. If you want it to do something else, train it.IMG_2188


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