This site, maintained by a serving British Police dog handler, will bring together news and information on Police dogs. As the title suggests I am an advocate of positive reinforcement based training and the aim of this site is to educate and motivate people in the use of positive reinforcement based training methods.

Traditional training methods have leaned too heavily on the dominance theory ideology and as a result  advocate a confrontational style of training which can often be very unpleasant for the dog and if the dog is hard enough , may prove dangerous for the handler. Relying primarily on positive reinforcement and understanding the tools available to you through operant conditioning allows you to motivate the dog to do the things you want and get him working with you not against you.

The site contains articles which help to explain the principles and talk you through the processes and there are videos too as a picture paints a thousand words. I welcome constructive or curious feedback but abusive comments will be removed.

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