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Impact time again

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It’s that time gain, so smash open your piggy banks and book your spaces now.


It all goes down the lead

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We’ve long used the phrase “it all goes down the lead” to make handlers aware that their negative emotional states can adversely affect their dogs. Now it appears the science is available to back this up.

Check out this latest study.

Trip to Finland

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If you always do what you always did, you always get what you always got.

I love sayings that are passed on from generation to generation because they contain wisdom that you can just acquire and use for your own benefit. The experiences, hard work and trial and error that went into gaining that wisdom is yours for the taking if only you are open to it.


This saying suggests trying new things may bring better results. Or you could be satisfied with the results you are getting in whatever it is you are doing. In that respect the saying should give you some sort of comfort. For me it is the former as I know that things rarely stay the same. What worked in the past may not work now due to changing culture, attitudes and even the climate of our planet. Nothing stays the same and so doing the same thing will eventually leave you outdated and lacking.

Self analysis and, if your ego can take it, external analysis can provide some useful insights into what is currently working and what is not. The latter provides information to which we are often blind and can be difficult to accept. But when the pursuit of excellence is your goal, analysis is vital. Just as important is what you then do about it.

I like to think of myself as a bit of an innovator. I was always creative as a child and I love to imagine different versions of everyday things and am constantly looking for better ways to do things. It is that desire that leads me to look to others for inspiration because I am not too stupid to realise or too proud to accept that in a population of 7.3 billion on our planet, minds far superior to mine have probably already found and implemented a solution to the problem I am looking to solve.

finland policeFinally to the point of the article. To that end I have just returned from a trip to the National Police dog training school in Finland. They kindly hosted me for 4 days during which I realised what I already knew. If you are professional, organised and have a plan then attaining a high standard is achievable.  Being a National school it is easier for them to achieve the pinnacle of any training department and that is singing from the same hymn sheet. Yes, everyone has a different voice and some people know the words better than others but that is human nature.  The point is I was left with an impression of a professional school that provided the training necessary for their dog handlers to perform their role in a way that would make most dog schools envious. In addition to that, dog handlers are held in the utmost regard throughout the Police force and are the go to unit when there is a serious situation.

Perhaps aspiring to that level of professionalism may see UK dog sections numbers stabilise rather than fall in these times of austerity where you really do need to earn your keep.

A massive thank you to the Chief of the school for allowing my visit and to Illka, Harri, Antti and Tortsi for their time, effort and friendship. My mind is buzzing so stand by for a flood of articles. If you would like to find out more about Police dogs in Finland then click HERE.


Positive Police Dogs now on twitter

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At last I’ve joined the modern age. Follow us on twitter @Pospolicedogs

Discount on all books

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For the month of June there is a 25% discount on all books to coincide with the impact conference. Just click on THIS link and follow the instructions.

Stop Michael Vick coming to the Uk

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Despite being convicted of horrendous cruelty to dogs as part of a dog fighting ring he ran, Michael Vick still Plays professional American football. His bosses may be okay with employing someone like this but do we want to be seen to condone this behaviour by allowing him to play his sport here in the UK? If you feel that you want to be a voice for the voiceless then you can sign this petition to stop him coming here in October 2015.




IMPACT Police and working dog seminar in the UK

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If you are interested in training police or working dogs then this seminar is going to be of interest to you. I have the pleasure of being one of the speakers in a line up of very experienced, some very high profile dog trainers from around the world. Keep your eyes on the site or follow on twitter for the full line up when it is announced.This is poised to be the first of a great new dog training event so make sure you don’t miss out.!about-us/c1se